TNC Clips — State of the art supports for pipe work, conduit and cables…

Saving over 50% on installation costs and 10-15% on materials.


TNC Clips use an easy twist and fix action developed specifically, to reduce installation costs and maintenance time for the heating and conditioning contractor.

Designed for channel, threaded rod whilst the new Wall Anchor Clips allow fixing without the need for channel on the wall.

Save over 50% fitting time and 10-15% on materials.

Independent tests by BSRIA, who found in fact compared to conventional saddle clamp style clips the channel clip takes only 1 minute and 25 seconds to fit and just 38 seconds to fix an insulated pipe through a TNC clip! An added benefit is that the insulation does not require any cutting ensuring a continuous vapour barrier can be maintained. You can download details of these tests from the press room.

TNC Clips are used on major projects including… Heathrow, City and Stanstead


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